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Creating the mod

The hard stuff is out of the way. All you need to do know is create a PK3 of your new sabre and you're in business. The easiest way to do this, if you're using WinZip, is to copy your GLM and textures into a new directory, preserving the directory hierarchy and work from there. In other words, copy the models\weapons2\saber directories as well. If you were working directly under base, make sure you don't copy any of the other files. You don't need them.

Then add the models directory (and everything underneath it, duh!) to a new Zip archive. Make sure you preserve the pathnames:

Creating a zip file

Now change the .zip extension on your archive to .pk3 and move it to base. Start the game and enjoy your new sabre model!

JediMod++/tck compatibility

With JediMod++, you can choose a custom hilt instead of using the game's default setting. If you want to make your mod compatible with this system, you must change the directory structure before you zip it up. Instead of zipping up models/weapons2/saber you must rename it to models/weapons2/saber_xxx where xxx is the name you want to give to your custom sabre.

You are strongly encouraged to support custom sabre hilts by making conformant mods!

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