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furrycat's custom sabre tutorial

If, like me, you've never done any editing for Quake 3 engine games before, you may be having difficulty making sense of the steps involved in creating a new sabre model for Jedi Outcast.

It's actually very simple ... if you know the steps which need to be carried out. I'll show you what you need to do, working on the assumption that you are totally new to this. I had no prior experience so there should be little risk of me leaving something out which "everyone knows" from other Q3 games.

What you need

Obviously you'll need some sort of 3D modelling program to create your new sabre. Any will do. Milkshape has the advantages of being very cheap (US$30 after a 30-day trial) and being able to export Q3 format MD3 files with a minimum of hassle. Not only that but it can import a huge number of file formats. Whilst I would never use Milkshape for any serious modelling (I have both Maya and 3D Studio MAX), I will carry out the final few steps of this tutorial in Milkshape so as to take advantage of the MD3 export functionality.

If your chosen 3D package can't export to a format Milkshape can read (ie if you're using Maya), you can convert your model using Deep Exploration. This very handy program can convert between loads of different 3D formats. The downside is that it costs US$250 to register!

You'll also need the Jedi Outcast "SDK" which you can download from one of many sites. Just visit one of the main fansites to find it.

The procedure

The steps you need to carry out are:

  1. Create the model and import into Milkshape.
  2. Add "tags" to the model.
  3. Export the model.
  4. Zip up your mod.

Once your sabre model is ready, proceed to part one where I'll talk about loading it into Milkshape.

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